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MOIC Türkiye Draws Over 100 Tertiary Students From Around The Country

University students from around Türkiye took part in several panels ranging from the role of international students and the vision of internationalization to the secrets of successful entrepreneurship as part of the MOIC Türkiye Summit organized in Istanbul. The two-day event organized by ICYF and Istanbul University began on the 27th of June 2022 with an official opening ceremony that ended on the 28th of the same month drawing more than 100 tertiary students from around the country to learn, engage and network with fellow MOIC’ers. Academics from reputable universities in Türkiye and experts from ICYF engaged with the youth in an interactive teaching-learning environment to prepare them for leadership and success in their chosen avenues. The summit aimed to bring MOIC’ers from around Türkiye together to network and collaborate on projects they have been working on under the Model OIC program. A city tour was also organized for the attendees.

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  • 55 years ago