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The Union of Municipal Youth Assemblies

The idea of the Union of Municipal Youth Assemblies came as one of the ICYF pillars on the role of the youth in the sustainable development and diplomacy as  the peace boosters in the local level.  

As the OIC youth strategy and the ICYF action plan indicates, the Municipal Youth Assemblies can be considered as the main partners for the  development process on the local level, since these bodies are working together the local authorities, the nearest levels of governing to the people.

The local authorities of the OIC regions have numerous numbers of youth organizations such as  assemblies, councils and even directorates. These bodies have the capacity to contribute  in the global diplomacy starting from the local level. ICYF tries by the Municipal Youth  Assemblies to support the efforts in the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals  as one of the means to implement the ICYF Action Plan and the eventually to implement  the OIC Youth Strategy as well.


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