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CALL FOR APPLICATION “Balkan Youth Forum (Online) “Balkan Youth and the Future of Dialogue, Cooperation and Sustainability”

The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum will organize the first-ever “BALKAN YOUTH FORUM: Balkan Youth and the future of dialogue, cooperation and sustainability” in partnership with the Center for Social Activism, OIC institutions, and international institutions, on 28-30 September 2021 virtually.



The Balkan Youth holds considerable potential for sustainable development, peaceful integration, and stability in the region.  As key actors open to dialogue, solidarity, cooperation, and unity leading to the betterment of their regional conditions, Balkan youth have an enormous role in developing their communities.

Balkan Youth, however, needs to have the necessary support and resources of established institutions to undertake those changes in the most effective ways. Youth interactions and active participation in national and regional issues should be encouraged and maintained to guarantee peace, cooperation, and development. Therefore, the first-ever Forum will provide a platform to young people for dynamic interactions and sharing good practices to discuss sustainable youth in action plans for the prosperous future of the region.



The Forum aims to bring young leaders and activists from the Balkans and OIC region to establish effective dialogue among strategic stakeholders on youth’s role in building peace, cooperation, and development.



This program intends to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Providing a new platform for the Balkan Youth to raise their voice, point out their needs, and find the necessary support for their ideas and actions.
  2. Ensuring a productive dialogue environment supported by cross-cultural networks and governmental commitments.
  3. Establishing an effective network for partnerships and essential projects to empower Balkan Youth and their relevant implications for ensuring harmony, tolerance, solidarity, and cooperation in the region.
  4. Developing capacities of youth leaders, youth workers, activists to explore possible solutions for the regional challenges and problems in cooperation with government officials.



The forum will be organized as 3-day online program. The program comprises keynote addresses, panel sessions, workshops with breakout sessions, and the anticipated outcome of concrete recommendations. 

Location: Online (Zoom Application)

Date: 28-30 September 2021



The organizing team will make the final selection. Applicant should meet the following criteria: 

  • Young leaders, activists, volunteers, and students from the Balkans, the OIC Member States, and Muslim minorities in non-OIC Countries.
  • Aged between 18 -35
  • Ability to communicate in English.
  • Previous experience in youth-related projects in advocacy, active participation, and leadership.
  • Leaders with impact in their local community.
  • Passionate and responsible for attending the entire forum program actively.

*** Please be informed that only selected participants will be contacted***



The forum will be organized as 3-day online program. The program comprises keynote addresses, panel sessions, workshops with breakout sessions, and the anticipated outcome of concrete recommendations.

The forum will be conducted as interactive panel series between 2 P.M. – 5 P.M. (GMT +3, ISTANBUL TIME), followed by a workshop to produce a joint declaration by the participants.

The Forum program will focus on the following:

Panel 1: Youth of the Balkans: Mapping Opportunities, Needs and Prospects
Panel 2: Need for Dialogue and Cooperation Among Youth of the Balkans: Role of Governments and Policy Makers

Panel 3: Balkans’ Youth Partnership: Prospects of Dialogue and Cooperation Through the Eyes of Balkan Youth NGO’s

Panel 4: Balkans’ Youth and the Agenda of Sustainable Development


WORKSHOPS: Imagining 2026 Declaration

Youth Leaders from Balkan Youth Communities will commit to the next five years of dialogue, cooperation, and sustainability for Balkan Youth.



Full attended participants will be awarded a certificate issued by ICYF and program partners.



To better accommodate all participants and to cater for late submissions ICYF is moving the Balkan Youth Forum’s application deadline to the 12th of September 2021. The 3-day online forum is calling upon young leaders and activists from the Balkans and the OIC region to establish effective dialogue among strategic stakeholders on the role of the youth in building peace, cooperation, and development for the upliftment of the youth in all sectors. The forum also seeks to provide a platform for the youth to discuss and share possible solutions to regional problems and issues currently hindering the advancement of youth-led initiatives. Be a part of the forum and let us join the Balkan youth in breaking boundaries and shattering glass ceilings.


Application Deadline: 12 September



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