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Our Vision

ICYF envisions empowered youth across the OIC region actualizing their full potential for the sustainable development of their communities, nations, and the world, driven by the Islamic values of cooperation, excellence and unity.

Our Mission

ICYF builds the capacity of OIC youth through strategies, policy frameworks, programs and projects furthering civic engagement, holistic education, capacity-building and best practices addressing the critical problems of unemployment, health and wellness, limited opportunities, extremism and social exclusion while building their capabilities of intellectual and leadership development, scientific and technological innovation, entrepreneurship, media and communication informed by a shared Islamic heritage, culture, and universal values.


Cooperation: We value cooperation and recognize the importance of working with OIC organizations and member states youth to strengthen our active network. We value the support and input we receive from our partners, and strive to work cooperatively and constructively towards the realization of our aims.
Solidarity: We seek to embody the spirit of Islamic and group solidarity which drives our service to youth through OIC member states, and ultimately shared interests and needs of the Muslim global community.
Integrity: This constitutes the foundation of our organization, and as such, we seek to operate with the highest level of Islamic ethics and values. We nurture the growth of our organization based on mutual trust, and respect for our all of our partners. We strive to ensure the highest level of organizational effectiveness in continuing to honestly review and enhance our programs and processes towards greater quality, impact and efficiency.

Innovation: We aim to develop creative and dynamic solutions to address every challenge and utilize every potential opportunity through the application of a broad spectrum of experiences in developing and applying new ideas and potential solutions.
 We strive to continuously raise our organization to greater heights of excellence through dedicated and sincere effort, by delivering impactful and valuable outcomes in ensuring youth as participants and beneficiaries of any project undertaken by the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum.
Diversity: We value and embrace diversity. We seek out views that reflect all walks of life, and reflect those views in our program efforts. We are sensitive to the unique needs and diverse backgrounds of individuals, and seek to provide all individuals with an equal opportunity to be heard and benefit from our programs.
Service: We seek to dutifully serve the Muslim youth in further building their capacities and enhancing their active roles in public service.

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