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ICYF commemorates all the heroes of Azerbaijan who sacrificed their lives for their homeland on 20 January 1990

ICYF President H.E. Taha Ayhan expresses his solidarity with Azerbaijan on the 31st Anniversary of Black January Day.

20 January, 1990 went down as heroic page in the history of exemplary sacrifice of brotherly people of Azerbaijan in the struggle for freedom, independence and territorial integrity of Homeland. Invasion and bloody brutality of Soviet army troops towards unarmed civilians at the streets of Baku and other cities who were protesting against the aggression of Armenia supported by then government of the Soviet Empire resulted in mass death of civilians. Their bravery in the fight for independence and dignity of their country left an indelible imprint in human history, and became a symbol of resistance and inspiration for future generations to come.

On this day of sorrow and pride, I once again wish to express my support and solidarity to the people of Azerbaijan. Brutality against the unarmed civilians of Azerbaijan will never be forgotten. I would like to emphasize that ICYF will always work to achieve international recognition for this genocidal act. We will work to raise public awareness and prevent these crimes.

H.E. Taha Ayhan,
ICYF President.

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