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International Photography Contest Themed “Volunteering”

International Photography Contest Themed “Volunteering”

This contest is organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in cooperation with Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum. The contest will be carried out by the General Directorate of International Organizations and Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.




Volunteering is the state of a person’s ability to use his/her physical power, time, knowledge, abilities and experiences as a whole or separately wishing only to contribute in society with the aim of solidarity and cooperation without expecting any self-interest or financial benefit. In this regard, even though we may encounter the basis of volunteering in different forms due to the cultural differences between different states, with the rising prominence of the universal values of humankind in the globalizing world of today, volunteering has the characteristic of being a phenomenon, which can be compromised in a mutual platform without having ambiguity.


The contest is organized with the aims of underlying the importance of youth volunteering in the whole world, ensuring a more active role is taken by the youth in volunteering works and raising awareness internationally in this regard. One of the objectives of the contest is to increase the dynamism and enthusiasm of the youth with pleasant and successful examples of the infinite world of volunteering and combine this enthusiasm with the values of sharing by approaching to universal values from the viewpoint of international society and especially young individuals.



The contest will be held in the Digital category, in a single section as Color or Black and White photograph.


  1. Participation to the contest is free of charge.
  2. All participants must be at the age of 18-35.
  3. Participation in the competition is open to all amateur or professional photographers. The participant shall not be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, and photographers from other countries are also welcome to participate. The Executive Committee, the competition Secretariat, the jury members and the TFSF representative and their first-degree relatives cannot participate in the competition.
  4. Each contestant may participate with maximum 4 (four) Digital Color or Black & White photographs.
  5. Participants acknowledge, declare and undertake that they fully own the photographs they will upload to the web site for the contest, and all relevant permissions are obtained. Any action to the contrary will be considered as a violation of the rules.
  6. Any intervention or modification by contestants, aiming to mislead the assessment committee by presenting another person’s photograph as their own work will be considered as a violation of rules.
  7. Contestants violating the rules will be subject to the sanctions provided in the “TFSF Contest Organization Standard Guidelines” (TR: ENG: /contest_regulatory_standards.pdf) Article 13. Any award, title or other achievement of the contestant will be revoked. The place of the revoked award will be left blank. The situation will be reported to FIAP. If an award is honored, the participant will be required to return the award immediately.
  8. Photographers who are subject to an effective restriction by TFSF and photographers who are in FIAP’s red list may not participate in the contest.
  9. The regulatory institution will determine participants who are in the TFSF restriction list and the FIAP Red List prior to the jury assessment and disqualify such participants.
  10. By participating in a contest of TFSF and FIAP patronage, contestants are deemed to have acknowledged that the photographs submitted to the contest may be subject to an assessment for compliance with the TFSF and FIAP rules and definitions, whether or not the contestant is a member of TFSF and FIAP. TFSF and FIAP may conduct such assessment utilizing any means and techniques it possesses. In cases where the participant fails to submit the information requested, fails to submit the original file taken with the camera or fails to cooperate with TFSF and FIAP for the resolution of any legal, administrative, etc. problem, the contestant will be restricted by TFSF and FIAP due to violation of rules and his/her name will be intact. It is recommended that the EXIF data of the photographs submitted for the contest are preserved undistorted to facilitate potential investigations.
  11. Ministry of Youth and Sports may require the originals of the awarded photographs to be submitted by the relevant participants, with a short side of minimum 2200 pixels and bit depth of 300 dpi.
  12. The contest results will be announced on the MoYS’s,ICFY’S website and the TFSF websites as well as TFSF’s following addresses: and; and additionally will be informed  to all participants via e-mail.
  13. The Prizes of the first, second and third place, Ministry of Youth and Sports special prize on promoting the art of photography and Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum special prize on promoting the art of photography will be delivered by hand and in cash to the prize-winning photographers, during the World Volunteering Summit to be organized by Turkey in December 2019 in Istanbul .Domestic and International transportation fees, accommodation and food expenses of the prize-winning photographers will be covered.
  14. Photographers who win the medal prizes of FIAP and TFSF may participate in the award ceremony if they wish, providing that they cover their own personal expenses. If the photographers who won medals are unable to participate in the award ceremony, their awards will be sent, upon request, to their postal address.


  1. As the contest will be organized online, no other alternative submittal methods (email, cargo, personal delivery, etc.) will be accepted.
  2. Online submittal of the contest photographs will be performed digitally only via the following two web addresses:
  3. Turkish:
  4. English:
  5. Participants are obliged to go to the website, sign up as a member and approve the contest specifications. By ticking the check box, the contestants are deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions of the specifications. The membership will be finalized after clicking the activation link sent to the member’s e-mail address by the system.
  6. Existing members can use their existing user names and passwords.
  7. Sizing and naming of the photographs to be submitted must be performed in advance, the files must be made ready and uploaded in a single session.
  8. Contest photographs must be saved in the jpg/jpeg format, 300 dpi and 7-12 compression quality, with a short edge of minimum 1920 pixels and a long edge of maximum 3200 pixels, and the size of the files should not be less than 2 Mb and more than 4 Mb.
  9. The Participants will add an explanation text for each of the photos composed of at least 500 but not exceeding 2000 characters while submitting photographs. The explanation text might be in English, Arabic, French or Turkish.
  10. File names should not include more than 31 characters. File names should not include the characters “ç, ı, ğ, ö, ş, ü”. English letters and under-bar character ( _ ) may be used.
  11. All letters should be lowercase letters, except for country codes and section definition letters.
  12. In case of any problems arising from the system or the user during the online sign-up or participation phases, users must contact the e-mail address. The problem will be resolved, and the participant will be informed as soon as possible. Photographs sent to the said address will not provide participation in the contest.


  1. The first two characters of the file name should indicate the country code (“TR” for Turkey). For country codes, see:
  2. Work owner’s name must be written in maximum 5 characters (E.g. “Ömer Eril YILMAZ” as “omery” or “oerly” or “erily”).
  3. First letter of the section must be written (Digital Color or Black & White > D).   The photograph order no. should be written in numbers (from 1 to 4), followed by an under-bar ( _ ).
  4. After the under-bar, the name of the photograph should be written without exceeding the total number of characters. For instance, the file name for “Ömer Eril YILMAZ”s photograph no. 1 named “gülen çocuk”: “TRomeryD1_gulen_cocuk” or the file name for his photograph no. 2 named “çocuk hayattır”: “TRomeryD2_cocuk_hayattir”.
  5. The submitted photographs will automatically be assigned a code by the system, regardless of the name they are given, on which the Jury assessment will be based. The Jury will not see the name of the work or the participant in any manner.


1) Cengiz KARLIOVA

2) İzzet KERİBAR

3) Sami TÜRKAY

4) Hilaneh MAHMOUDİ

5) Murat GÜR

The jury may be convened with the participation of at least three members.

TFSF Representative: Emrah AKYILDIZ

Start Date Of Participation: 23 September 2019

Deadline: 29 December 2019 hours 23.00 (TSI))

Selection Committee Meeting: 15-16 January 2020

First prize: TFSF gold medal + 10.000 (ten thousand) TL

  • Second prize: TFSF silver medal + 7,500 (seven thousand five hundred) TL
  • Third prize: TFSF bronze medal + 5.000 (five thousand) TL
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports Special Award for Promoting The Art of Photography: 5.000 (five thousand) TL
  • Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) Special Award for Promoting The Art of Photography: invitation to one of the international events to be organized within the ICYF
  • Exhibition (up to 50 photos) 250.- TL

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