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Job Description: Short-term Project Support Specialist

Position Overview: We are seeking a dedicated and organized individual to support a short-term international project focused on Law, Politics and Justice. The ideal candidate will have a background in project coordination and a strong interest in international law and justice. The role involves assisting in the planning and implementation of all project activities, coordinating meetings, supervising interns, and supporting media and communication efforts.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Planning and Implementation:
    • Assist in the planning and implementation of all activities related to the project.
    • Develop and maintain project timelines and schedules.
  • Networking and Sub-Project Support:
    • Support all networking activities and sub-projects.
    • Facilitate collaboration with internal departments and external partners.
  • Meeting Coordination:
    • Coordinate internal, departmental, and inter-institutional meetings.
    • Actively attend meetings and prepare detailed minutes.
    • Follow up on action items from meetings to ensure timely completion.
  • Intern Supervision:
    • Supervise interns as required by the project manager.
    • Assign weekly tasks, monitor progress, provide feedback, and evaluate performance.
    • Collect weekly reports and attendance from interns.
  • Media and Communication Support:
    • Assist the media and communication department in managing social media accounts related to the project.
    • Ensure the website is updated with relevant information and assign duties accordingly.
    • Support the promotion and media campaigns for the project.
  • International Law and Justice Focus:
    • Work on international law and international justice issues relevant to the project.
    • Conduct research and provide insights on human rights protection and promotion on international level.
  • Reporting and Documentation:
    • Draft and finalize work plans for submission to project leaders.
    • Prepare and distribute reports on weekly meetings and project progress.
    • Document all project activities and maintain comprehensive records.
  • Additional Responsibilities:
    • Perform other relevant duties as required by the project manager.
    • Provide comprehensive support in organizing educational activities and training sessions related to human rights.


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