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ICYF Board Statement on recent coup attempt in Turkey

ICYF Board Statement on recent coup attempt in Turkey

ICYF, an international institution affiliated to the OIC, Board discussing the issue at its extraordinary consultation held on 16 July 2016 has the honour to state the following:

On behalf of the Board Members, member organizations, youth of the Islamic Ummah we condemn the recent attempt of coup d’état by fraction of military aimed at change of the constitutional order and take over powers of the legitimately elected government. We express our profound condolences on the victims among civilians and security forces who has risen up in defense of democracy and wish quick recovery to those wounded during the event of the last night.

We consider this coup not just as last attempt of narrow click of military and bureaucracy elements to overrule the democratic choice of Turkish people but as unfortunate and irresponsible attempt of internal and external power centers to stop recent development of Turkey on its course to full-fledged democracy, stability, prosperity, toward its legitimate role of stabilizer in the troubled Middle East.

We applaud brave and mature citizens of Turkey (in particular its youth) who in response to courageous call by President Erdogan confronted tanks and gunmen of would-be Junta while demonstrating heroism and sacrifice in defending Turkish democracy which is star of hope for development, justice and stability of the entire region.

We call on member of ICYF national organizations, all young people in the OIC and beyond to strongly express solidarity with the people of Turkey in particular in social media and in the call to international community to strongly support Turkish democracy vital for prosperity of the entire region as well as global peace and stability.


Board of ICYF. 16 July 2016.

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  • 55 years ago