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ICYF President’s Message on the 30th Anniversary of Black January Day

ICYF President expresses his solidarity with Azerbaijan on the 30th Anniversary of Black January Day. The people of Azerbaijan played a heroic role in their country’s rebirth on January 20, 1990, in a bloody defeat of the Soviet Army. They were brutally massacred for practicing their basic right to protest against the invasion of Armenia. Their bravery in the fight for independence and dignity of their country left an indelible imprint in human history, and became a symbol of resistance and inspiration for future generations to come. On this day, a day of sorrow and pride, I wish to express my support and solidarity to the people of Azerbaijan. As ICYF, we pay tribute to the victims of massacre and commemorate the martyrs of Black January. Brutality against the unarmed civilians of Azerbaijan will never be forgotten. I would like to emphasize that ICYF will always work to achieve international recognition for this genocidal act. We will work to raise public awareness and prevent these crimes.

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