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ILEM International Summer School 8 Call For Applications

The 8th edition of the International Ilem Summer School, organized in partnership with ICYF, YTB, FSMV University, ILM, IRCICA, and Oranje Instituut, is inviting Ph.D. students and junior scholars to apply. The theme for this year’s IISS is “Rethinking Arts and Aesthetics in the Muslim World: Concepts, Theories, and Practices” and will take place from July 24th to July 30th, 2023, in Istanbul, Turkiye. The biennial ILEM International Summer School aims to bring together academics, researchers, and artists from diverse backgrounds to serve as a forum for discussing major issues concerning the Islamic world.

The summer school will explore Islamic arts from theoretical, conceptual, and socio-political perspectives. It aims to move beyond the traditional connections of Islamic arts with “tradition” or “mystical experience” in contemporary intellectual and artistic circles. The event will also open up discussions on “axial shifts” or the absence of an axis, observable on both ontological and epistemological planes. The purpose is to explore what lies beyond the conditional and prejudiced forms of artistic expression. The event will study the possibility of producing aesthetic formulas as a golden middle ground that saves the beautiful from the vortex of two extreme poles of “acculturation” and “cultural schizophrenia.”

For application details, criteria, and more, please visit the link provided below:

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