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OIC Youth Day Message

OIC Youth Day Message –

Convey your message to your peers and leaders

“Youngsters of today are the Leaders of the Future.”

“Young people must be put at the heart of development and innovation and given the opportunities and tools needed to take their countries into the future” says the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum’s President Mr. Taha Ayhan.

The 3rd of September of every year marks the OIC Youth Day, where we across all the OIC member states celebrate this day with various activities and achievements that we accomplished throughout the past year with your help and participation.

For this year, we want to make it even more special by announcing “Youth Day Video Celebration/Collection”, to make it more special because now more people can join the celebration through the online channels, telling us their visions and ideas of how our youth thinks of how they’d would lead the world if they get the chance to do so.

What’s the plan?

We invite you to participate in the celebration by making a short video (not more than 1 minute ); in this video you would be telling us

1- A problem that you encounter as a young person in your community, and how would you solve it?

2- If you were to be a leader of your community ( governor for example ); what are the methods you’d follow to build an accurate connection with the youngsters of your community?

How to participate? 

  • Choose one of these questions, and answer it.
  • Film yourself or any of your friends presenting your answer. ( in less than 1 minute )
  • Send it to us.

Things to keep in Mind: 

  • Video should be less than 1 minute.
  • You can make a creative scene, or a simple interview video.
  • Video should be High definition (1920×1080 ) in horizontal.
  • For simple interview videos; film in front of a plain (preferably white), or nicely designed background, mind the good light and the clear voice, and look into the camera.

Conditions of Participation & Rules

  • Anyone aged 16 – 40 from the OIC countries or Muslim minorities from Non-OIC countries.
  • Participants can apply in all categories at once but they will need to fill a new application form for each category.
  • Language of Video: English
  • By participating in this project, participants are deemed to have acknowledged that the videos submitted to the challenge may be used on Social Media and other media platforms
  • You grant the organizers the right to change or edit your video for editorial reasons specifically but not limited to the creation of a new materials combining your video with those of other materials.

***Applications must be returned by no later than 31 August 2020 (00.00 GMT3+) via application link:


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