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The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum Expresses Grave Concern over Continued Attacks on Muslims in India

The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum expresses grave concern over public calls for genocide of Muslims by the ‘Hindutva’ proponents in the India’s State of Uttarakhand, reported incidents of harassment of Muslim women on social media sites, as well as banning of female Muslim students from wearing the headscarf the State of Karnataka.
The continued aggression, incidents of violence, and anti-Muslim legislation targeting Indian Muslims are systematic violations of internationally recognized human rights conventions, individual freedoms and humanitarian norms, and indicate a growing trend of Islamophobia.

ICYF calls on the international community, including the UN Human Rights Council, to take necessary measures to prevent further escalation of this situation. We urge Indian authorities to ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of their Muslim community, to protect the heritage and way of life of its members, and to bring the instigators and perpetrators of violence and hate crimes to justice.
ICYF salutes the steadfastness of the India’s Muslim community, and express our solidarity and commitment to the belief that all humans irrespective of their religion have the undeniable right for the safe practice of their faith.

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