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1st ICYF Youth Camp

1st ICYF Youth Camp

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its affiliated youth branch, the ICYF, recently conducted the first successful Summer Youth Camp in Antalya, Turkey on August 10- 16, 2016. Collaborating with the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, the ICYF was able to gather over 160 youths from more than 35 OIC countries to participate in academic lectures, recreational/sporting activities, and cultural exchanges. Attendees also had the good fortune to network and interact with multiple important figures in Turkish politics. These include the likes of Mr. Mestan Yayman, deputy governor of the city of Antalya; Mr. Serdal Eravcı, deputy general director of youth activities, Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports; Mr. Abdurrahman Topbaş, Vice President of ICYF; Mr. Melih Ecertaş, Chairman of the Youth Branch of the AK Party; and Mr. Ali Sarıkaya, Member of Parliament of Istanbul. Furthermore, it was our sincerest intention that this would not be the only summer camp, but the first of many. Four candidate capitals have been proposed to hold our second annual camp: Shiraz, Iran; Fes, Morocco; Bandung, Indonesia; and Putrajaya, Malaysia. We hope and believe whichever candidate is selected will be as successful as our Antalya youth camp.

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  • 55 years ago