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1st Model OIC Arabic for High Schools

1st Model OIC Arabic for High Schools

This year, ICYF-DC and it’s partners will invite 75 outstanding students from top-tier High Schools of the OIC Member States with scholars, diplomats and state officials to participate in the 1st HSMOIC on 26-30 April. The group of outstanding high school students will receive high-end trainings over 4 days of the Global Summit simulations, learning critical tools of understanding and further promoting a knowledge based approach to contemporary international relations where they will have a chance to practice their skills in a two day simulation game. The 1st Model OIC Arabic for High Schools will take place in the Haliç Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey with the theme of “Preserving international status and Islamic character of Al-Quds Al-Sharif”, where the Program Agenda will consist of 5 main topics, namely; Human Rights, Youth Policy, Economic Issues, Al-Quds.

The simulation will run for 4 days, during which participants will assume roles as diplomats and representatives of real countries, research these countries and practice their policies. The official language of the simulation is Arabic.

In advance, delegates will prepare position papers and resolutions, present and debate them and adopt resolutions in the bodies. Participants represent a country as a team of three. Participants will need to act authentically and represent their country to the best of their knowledge and ability, making the simulation as realistic as possible. MOICs can focus on the work of the following OIC bodies: General Assembly or council of Ministries.

Accommodation and flight ticket costs of selected participants will be covered by HSMOIC Secretariat.

Application Criterias:
– Being a High School Student (Age of between 14-18)
– Having experience in diplomatic simulations
– Fluency of Arabic Language
– Letter from High School

Application Form:

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