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ICYF President rejects the holding of so-called presidential elections by the Armenian separatist regime in Azerbaijan

H.E. Taha Ayhan, the President of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), is following up with deep concern about the situation arising from illegal actions by the puppet separatist regime, including the news about conducting so-called presidential elections on 9 September 2023 in the internationally recognised territories of Azerbaijan which are temporally under the responsibility of the Russian Peacekeepers.

In line with the principled position of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, exhibited through the statements by the OIC Secretary-General issued in the same vein, dated 21.09.2011, 19.07.2012, 10.09.2015, and 31.03.2020, the ICYF President deems any kind of similar actions including the holding so-called presidential elections by the Armenian separatists in Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan illegal, disrespectful of the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation, a clear violation of the principles of the International Law and in contravention of the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and the OIC.
He further emphasises that this kind of illegal action, which aimed to undermine and sabotage the ongoing peace talks, proves that Armenia is still pursuing its occupation policy against Azerbaijan and advertently preventing the normalisation process, which is a long-awaited hope for all people in the region.

Strictly condemning such illegal behaviours, the ICYF President commends and strongly supports the efforts by the Azerbaijani Government and the Governments of other Member States aimed at consolidating the peace in the South Caucasus and the normalisation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia and believes that will bring tremendous opportunities leading to advantageous circumstances for the betterment of youth as well as economic growth and cultural integration of the entire region.

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  • 55 years ago