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ICYF President urges the enforcement of all legal procedures exposing Israel’s attacks against the Palestinian People

ICYF President urges the enforcement of all legal procedures exposing Israel’s attacks against the Palestinian People at International Seminar on “Human Rights Violations Faced by Muslims” 

The President of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), H.E. Taha Ayhan, participated in a panel discussion on the “Situation of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories” held in the framework of the International Seminar on “Human Rights Violations Faced by Muslims,” on 17 February 2022 in Istanbul, Türkiye.

Hosted by the Government of Türkiye in collaboration with the Independent Permanent Commission of Human Rights of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (IPHRC), this International Seminar hosted various States’ Government Officials, high level diplomats, academicians, UN officials and experts, religious leaders, and civil society representatives.

In his opening remarks, ICYF President Mr. Taha Ayhan described the seminar as a critical platform to denounce the violations inflicted on Muslims all around the world. He briefed the audience on his legal assessment of the Palestinian situation in the Occupied territories, while proposing several relevant measures for states and the International community at large.

“The meeting on Human Rights Violations faced by Muslims is being held at a very critical time. In assessing the common features of those violations, including the Rohingya genocide, Islamophobia instigated massacre such as at Christchurch, the displacement of millions of Muslims, especially from East Turkistan, Syria, and Western Thrace, the Khojaly Massacre, the discriminatory laws prohibiting Muslims in India from practicing their faith, the ongoing struggle in Kashmir, or the current discriminations faced by Muslim minorities such as the headscarf ban, we find that these human rights infringements ever increasingly target Muslims. To bring an end to these violations, we must act together or else witness their escalation, as with the case of Palestine, which we might suppose to be the beginning of this struggle against discrimination.” Mr. Taha Ayhan said at the panel discussion.

In his statement, Mr. Ayhan highlighted the importance for all States to follow up and collaborate in the collection of records and evidence pertaining to Palestinians’ rights in the occupied territories. He stated that any evidence that could expose any form of human rights violations in Palestine must be collected, recorded, and presented to the International Criminal Court (ICC). He stressed that all legal steps must be supported by qualified documents, resources and arguments based on international law.

Mr. Taha Ayhan also underscored the crucial importance of effective cooperation among non-party and party states to the ICC, including international organizations, civil societies, and OIC Member States in order to enforce all legal procedures exposing Israeli violations and attacks against the Palestinian People. He reiterated ICYF’s ongoing efforts in addressing the needs of youth and women in Palestine, with the active cooperation of stakeholders on the ground.

The welcoming dinner of the Seminar was hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Justice and attended by delegates of governments, IPHRC’s commissioners, representatives from the OIC Member States, international organizations, diplomats, and academicians. The event highlighted global human rights violations against Muslims, particularly, their impact on youth physical and mental well-being. In his welcoming speech, Mr. Taha Ayhan highlighted the importance of dialogue in resolving conflicts and promised to work harder as peace and justice advocate. Other keynote speakers included Mr. Yakup Moğul, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Turkey, and Mr. Şaban Yılmaz, Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor.

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