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22 October 2008.

Istanbul. Islamic Countries Youth Entrepreneurship Network (ICYEN) international consultation meeting held in Istanbul within the framework of the 24th. COMCEC Meeting with the participation of President of ICCI, H.E. Sheikh Saleh Kamel, Director General of the Qatar Authority for Charitable Activities, Mr. Ahmad Al-Muraikhi and representatives of young entrepreneurs.

During the opening panel, the President of ICCI emphesized importance of activation of youth potential in the OIC countries and presented his full support to the Network. After the presentation of the details of the project by Mr. Nedim Kaya, ICYF-DC Board Member and ICYEN Project Coordinator, representatives of delegations of the OIC member statesat the international consulting meeting and youth entrepreneurs from OIC countries made their discussed on the establishing of Network.

ICYF-DC delegation introduced ICYEN network to the OIC country representatives at the 24th. COMCEC meeting and requested support of OIC member states for the development of the project. At the Final Resolution of the 24th COMCEC Meeting ministers adopted the resolutions on ICYEN and called the member states and OIC institutions to cooperate with ICYF-DC on the ICYEN Project.

Islamic Countries Youth Entrepreneurs Network (ICYEN) is an international network affiliated to Islamic Conference Youth forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC) to provide a networking platform for young entrepreneurs of Muslim world to enhance and develop their business skills, facilitate growth in their efforts, share ideas, solve problems, and meet entrepreneurs and Professionals in global environment.

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