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Istanbul Fast Becoming Center of International Entrepreneurship

The International Entrepreneurship Center is coming to life in Istanbul under the auspices of the Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey. A cooperation protocol was signed for the center to be established by the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), which works for over 600 million youths in the OIC region, and the Bilişim Vadisi, Turkey’s largest thematic technopark. Taha Ayhan, President of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), said, “We are here to spread the importance Turkey attaches to entrepreneurship, youth entrepreneurship, and economic development of young people to the world, it will be very beneficial for spreading Turkey’s success in development over the last 20 years to other countries. ”  

The cooperation protocol was signed at the presidential investment office in Beşiktaş with the participation of Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu, President of the presidential Investment Office, Taha Ayhan, president of ICYF and Ahmet Serdar Ibrahimcioğlu, General Manager of Bilişim Vadisi. The center, which will open its doors to foreign young entrepreneurs living or studying in Turkey, aims to provide young people with the opportunities they need. Entrepreneurship courses will be given within the framework, support will be offered in the commercialization process, consulting and mentoring will be carried out, the center will serve on its campus in Istanbul under the leadership of the presidential investment office and the Bilişim Vadisi under the Coordination of ICYF.


Taha Ayhan, President of ICYF: “we are here to spread the importance that Turkey attaches to entrepreneurship, youth entrepreneurship, and Youth Economic Development to the world. I believe that the center we have established here will be very useful primarily in terms of Turkey and Istanbul being an Entrepreneurship Center for young people and spreading Turkey’s success in development over the past 20 years to other countries,”.

“More Projects to be Added to This and Other Resounding Projects”

Ahmet Serdar İbrahimcioğlu, General Manager of Bilişim Vadisi: “our country has brought together the truths needed for the formation of a productive ecosystem in the name of entrepreneurship, especially in recent years. We want to present the fertile ground for the benefit of our foreign entrepreneurs in our country. I believe that with this project, which we will undertake as the Bilişim Vadisi Technical Training and consulting process and mentorship as an institution, new ones will be added to the projects that are bred in our country to echo this development on a global scale.

We Decided To Cooperate To Establish An Entrepreneurship Center

Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu, head of the presidential Investment Office, said: “At many international events in Turkey, you know that before the pandemic, Istanbul had become the gathering center of international entrepreneurs at different events throughout the year. We have also supported all of these events. In this program, we were also running a program as the main stakeholder. Here, we invited participants from many different geographies of the world to Turkey, but, to spread this work throughout the year, we thought that a step needed to be taken to turn it into a continuous program, and in this context, we decided to move forward with our stakeholders who are currently with us. Again, during the pandemic, we observed the interest of international students participating in online activities, especially in studies aimed at technological entrepreneurship, who came to Turkey and started working here. In other words, we have observed that entrepreneurs from the Balkans, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Gulf countries, and other Arab countries have participated in our meetings with these investors to increase their activities in Turkey to advanced levels. In this context, we decided to cooperate to establish an entrepreneurship center with an international focus,” he concluded.

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