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Signing of Protocol of Cooperation Between the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum and the Office of Global Women’s Issues of the US Department of State

ICYF and the Office of Global Women’s Issues of the US State Department signed a protocol of cooperation on Tuesday, 13th of April 2021, during a live ceremony that was broadcasted across ICYF’s social media platforms. Representatives from the US State Department present during the signing referred to it as a positive step towards solidifying the cooperation between ICYF and the department in tackling global issues affecting women. H.E Taha Ayhan, President of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, Ms. Marci Hodge, Senior Policy Advisor in the Secretary’s Office for Global Women’s Issues at the U.S. Department of State and Ms. Katrina Fotovat, Senior Official in the Office of Global Women’s Issues in the US Department of State and several youth representatives graced the virtual signing ceremony with their presence.


“Women’s Voice, Our Top Priority”

H.E Taha Ayhan stressed the importance of working together to uplift young women and the youth in an effort to bridge the inequality gap that is worsening by the hour.

“Education, Key to Development”

His Excellency reminded us that if we are to be truly successful in fighting inequalities, hunger and poverty then we need to invest in the education and training of the youth as an educated young population is the key to development in all aspects of the economy.


MOU To Focus On 5 Steps of Action

Honorable Ms. Katrina Fotovat, Senior Official in the Office of Global Women’s Issues in the US State Department explained the significance of the signing of this historic MOU in tackling global issues plaguing the world, mostly affecting women and the youth. She also noted that these efforts align with the new administration in an attempt to reduce gender inequalities and problems alike. Ms. Katrina Fotovat also added that a recently signed executive order by the US president is meant to address the issues affecting young girls and young women globally. Before finishing her remarks, she added the following, “Youth is a critical period in everyone’s lives, especially to young girls”.
Representatives from the US State Department’s Office of Global Women’s Issues reminded the world once again that the signing of this MoU is not just ceremonial but a huge step in tackling issues affecting young women and young girls across the world.


“Women play a crucial role in our society”

Youth representative Ms. Khadija Tirha mentioned the importance of women in every society and how their contribution should never be undermined or belittled. Sharing her own success story as the first woman in her life to attain a post-graduate degree, she called upon society to rally behind young girls who aspire to break new grounds in fields of education, science and technology.


“The world keeps witnessing violence against women, attributed to the unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities”

Youth representative Mr. Kamal Tasiu Abdullahi started off by thanking the two parties who made the auspicious occasion possible before diving into the main topic of the day, women empowerment. Mr. Kamal Tasiu Abdullahi urged communities to come together in combating the segregation and lack of opportunities afforded to women and young girls if we are to see any significant change in our fight for positive societal development.

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