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The final stages of the Agricultural Project in Lebanon have been concluded

The final harvesting stage of the “Agricultural for Youth” Project took place with a closing ceremony in Ansar, South Lebanon. Where ICYF has initiated this Project exactly one year ago in partnership with the Islamic Risala Scouts Association, Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, and TIKA the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency.

The project took place in several areas in Lebanon simultaneously and included several types of Plantations; furthermore the project was composed of several stages which more than 120 youth from all across Lebanon have participated and volunteered in, these stages were:

– Education, and training
– Hands on training
– Implementation
– Day to day care
– Harvest

Risala Scouts Association announced the launching of a new Agricultural project and expansion as agreed upon with ICYF and TiKA during the closing ceremony.

The Closing ceremony was attended by ICYF, Vice President of Arab Group Dr. Mohamad M. Hazimeh, Turkish Ambassador Mr. Ali Ulusoy, Director of TIKA in Lebanon Mr. Orhan Aydin, Vice President of Islamic Risala Scouts Association Mr. Hussein Ajami, Director General of Education Dr. Bilal Zeineddine, Representative of the Minister of Agriculture, youth leaders, local authorities, and several youth participants.

In addition to the crop harvest and the tour around the Youth Village, the ceremony included speeches given by Mr. Ajami, Ambassador Ulusoy, and Dr. Hazimeh on behalf of ICYF President Taha Ayhan.

Dr. Hazimeh conveyed President Ayhan’s salutations to the honored guests, his congratulations of a job well done in such a fruitful project. Dr. Hazimeh further stressed the vision and belief that ICYF holds and looks forward to implement in creating diverse inspirational youth leaders in Lebanon and all of the OIC region.

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