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Victims of Khojaly Genocide Remembered in Paris

The aim of the one-day event is to raise awareness on the Khojaly Genocide which was an unprecedented massacre, committed against the Azerbaijani population in the town of Khojaly in 1992.

The event was organized by the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) with the logistical support of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in France, was held on 21th February 2020 at the Cultural Center of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Paris, with the participation of Ambassadors of the OIC Member States to France, head of diplomatic corps and international organizations as well as the French politicians, academics, journalists.

The programme was opened with with the opening Statements by His Excellency Mr. Vagif Aghayev, Deputy head of Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan in France. “The Khojaly genocide has been thought of and purposefully carried out by Armenians against our people throughout history” Mr. Aghayev said.

While commemorating the 28th anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide, ICYF President Mr.Taha Ayhan also delivered a speech in the opening ceremony.

“I would like to express my wish that the world stops witnessing such horrendous massacres against the humanity. We should all stand together and make sure that we are putting our best efforts to build societies free from violence and that are ready to embrace peace, dialogue, diversity and tolerance so as to ensure that Khojaly does not repeat in other parts of the World” Ayhan said.

He also voiced his support to the “Justice for Khojaly” campaign since its launch in 2008, spearheaded by Leyla Aliyeva, General Coordinator of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, to raise awareness worldwide of what happened in the country some three decades ago.

Mr. Ayhan thanked all the guests who show solidarity and support for Justice of Khojaly Campaign.

The programme continued with the short video produced by ICYF for the memory of Khojaly victims as well as documentary film about the story of Ms. Narmin Ibrahimova, who is a survivor and one of the witnesses of the Khojaly Genocide.

Ceremony ended with the dinner hosted by H.E. Mr. Taha Ayhan, President of ICYF.

In the framework of the programme, exhibition of Khojaly genocide is displayed.

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